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In 2008, the three amigos, along with spouses, signed up for a photo safari with Andy Biggs in Tanzania. We had a great time in the bush, visiting Tarangire NP, the NgoroNgoro Crater, Laetoli and, of course, Serengeti NP.
Leopard in TreeLeopard in TreeBlue MonkeyMike is Ready to Make PicturesSighting inWoodland KingfisherGiraffe PortraitDikDikElephant ApproachingLilac Breasted RollerLittle Bee EaterYellow Billed StorksSilvery-cheeked HornbillsSilvery-cheeked HornbillRufous-crowned RollerFlamingos in Dusk on Lake ManyaraHamerkopElephantOn the TrailHippo Yawn