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This part of the trip encompasses our purpose for the adventure. We enjoyed three days of photography at and near the Emperor Penguin colony at Snow Hill island.
At one point the ship was ice bound and all the passengers disembarked on the ice to get the photos of the ship from ice level. There were also some penguins around being curious about all the yellow coated people.
We were shuttled by helicopter the seven miles between the ship in the ice and a base camp established about a mile from the colony. A fairly strenuous mile hike and all the penguins came into view. The first day was cold, blustery and snowy, which presented the opportunity of viewing chicks in the parent's brood pouch, one of the classic images. The second day was also grey and cold, but the third day was a glorious, sunny day at about -20 degrees fahrenheit with the wind chill.
Kapitan Khlebnikov from the IceShip in the IceKapitan Khlebnikov PortraitAntarctica ManPenguins in AntarcticaWrong Way, JoeFour BirdsPenguin ParadePenguins and PeoplePouch Too SmallPenguin ScenePeek a BooPeek a BooA Composite Chick in Pouch with a Colony ImageWalk This WayCome Out to Play?Need a Little WaterI Only Have Room for OnePenguin Checks Me OutAttention!