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I spent a week in remote Canada at the Seal River Lodge. You can only get there by small plane from Churchill. Each day we would hike across the tundra looking for the great white bears to photograph. It was an incredible experience to be at eye level with these magnificent animals, which are endangered around the world.It was a “bumper” year for Arctic Fox, with many running in and around the lodge.On the day we left we were able to see the authorities transport a polar bear from the “jail” out into the wild. Quite an experience to watch a sedated 1,000+ pound bear lifted in a net by a helicopter to be flown to the wild and released.
Seal River LodgeWho is There?Arctic FoxArctic FoxPtarmigan ScratchingPooped Polar BearPolar Bears SparringPolar Bears SparringPolar Bears SparringSnowy OwlPolar Bears SparringMother with CubsMother with CubsImpression of an Arctic Fox_D4A7955-EditPolar Bear in the LandscapeCaribou SunsetPolar Bear in the LandscapePolar Bear in the LandscapeAm I Nuts?