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This year was my fourth visit to Rwanda to see the gorillas, my 8th, 9th and 10th treks. When I first went in 2004, there were four families habituated, which meant 32 folks a day got to see them. Now, there are 12 families to visit, or almost 100 people per day.
Our three treks were different is several ways:
Even though the treks weren't' too long the forest was dense. This caused the gorillas to be harder to see.
The second day, the Hirwa family was outside the park boundaries. We followed them as they fed along the border and then went over the wall and back into the park.
The third day we visited the Agashya family and were the closest I have ever been to a group of gorillas.
Obviously, it makes for some interesting photos when a gorilla walks right by and your shoe is in the image.