mikeojohnson photography | Mala Mala 2010
A private game reserve in the Sabi Sands area of South Africa, right next to the Krueger National Park. Mala Mala is an upscale resort but the animal viewing, particularly big cats, more particularly, leopards, was exceptional.
Leopard Comes out of BushLeopard WalkingLeopard PortraitLioness FriendsElephant with BabyBaby Framed by MomLeopad Cub with Mom_D4A5750-EditMother's LoveLeopard WalkingLilac Breasted Roller in Flight_MG_3860-Edit-2_D4B7063-EditLeopard Walking at MeLeopard WalkingLeopard WalkingLeopard WalkingLeopard WalkingGame Drive at SunsetLeopard by River