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In March, 2013, my son-in-law and I joined Chas Glatzer of Shoot the Light fame.
Chas was running one of his tech series to help improve your skills as a photographer and the location was the Triple D Game Farm, near Kalispell, Montana.
Triple D raises and trains wild animals. They sell them and show them. I was particularly interested because they have a number of animals that are very rare and hard to find in the wild. They put them into natural settings and you have between a half hour and an hour to capture your images. It turned out to be challenging photography but very rewarding.
Amur Leopard Close UpAmur Leopard Close Up IIAmur LeopardAmur LeopardAmur LeopardAmur LeopardAmur LeopardAmur Leopard WalkingAmur LeopardWolf in the BrushWolf RunningWolf ScenicWolf Scenic ReflectionWhite WolfBlack Wolf JumpingBlack Wolf Juvenile JumpingMountain LionMountain Lion WalkingMountain Lion by the PondMountain Lion