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In New Mexico, a couple of hours from Albuquerque, there is a special place called Bosque. It is a wildlife refuge and every winter thousands of Sand Hill Cranes and Snow Geese migrate there.
The park service contracts with local farmers to grow corn on the property and they cut it down when grown to provide food for the birds.
A lot of photographers migrate there as well to capture some pretty incredible images of these beautiful birds.
I spent a couple of days in 2010 experiencing this very special time.
Bosque - the LandscapeCrane ConflictSnow Geese Blast OffCoyoted Interrupts the FunCrane LandingSnow Geese LandingSnow Geese Blast OffFlock of GeeseSnow Goose ReflectionCrane Landing at SunsetBosques SunsetEarly Morning View from the Flight DeckBosque SunriseGatheringA Lot of BirdsCrane Landing at NightIncomingInoming IICrane Take OffGeese Incoming