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September, 2011, trip with Andy Biggs to Rwanda and Kenya. I have always wanted to experience and photograph the great Wildebeest and Zebra migration. This year the counts were down due to more rain throughout the Serengeti. But we were able to see several crossings of the Mara river, Nile Crocodiles and all the related chaos as the predators like lions followed the herds. All in all, a very exciting experience.
The first week was spent in Rwanda where we made three treks into the Virunga Mountains to see the endangered Mountain Gorilla. This was my third trip to Rwanda to trek to the gorillas. Each one has been similar and different than the others. Similar, it that we are meeting some of the same families (there are now eight gorilla families habituated to humans) and different in that it seems the terrain, lighting and behaviors change each time.
Gorilla Hand and FeetGorilla ScratchingGorilla Mother with ChildSilverbackSilverback Close UpIn Between BitesLooking at MePiggy BackSilverback PortraitGorilla FamilyMother's LoveGorilla Mother with ChildGorilla Twins with Mom_D4A2648-EditLet's See...Silverback MunyinyaCheetah and CubAre You Ready Again?It Was Good for MeCheetah