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A small private camp in the Sabi Sands area of South Africa. With space for only 16 guests it is an intimate safari experience. Our guide Brian was the most knowledgeable guide I have met in Africa. Cheetah Plains is aptly named as we had incredible Cheetah experiences. A mom with cubs, hunting, a kill and teaching the cubs to eat.
Lilac Breasted RollerYoung Male at RestLioness at RestLion PhlemmingCheetah Surveys the BushCheetah CubsCheetah CubsCheetah Snuggles with CubsCheetah FamilyStarting the HuntYellow Billed HornbillCheetah Cubs wait for MomLunch TimeCheetah with Duiker KillCheetah Family Waiting to EatCheetah with CubsCheetah Family with KillCheetah Family with KillCheetah Family with KillCheetah Family with Kill