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I'm putting a few photos in this gallery from a recent trip to the polar arctic in Svalbard, north of Norway. We experienced a lot of very cool sites, including polar bears on the polar ice pack above the 82nd parallel.
Glacier LandscapeClouds Over the GlacierPolar Quest at Anchor_O1C0123-Edit_XB_0616-Edit_O1C0178_O1C0206-Edit_XA_0204-Edit_XA_0212-Edit_XB_0647Bearded Seal Swims By_XB_0783-Edit_XB_0784-Edit_XB_0800-Edit_XB_0828-Edit_XB_0854-Edit_XB_1256-Edit_XB_1603-Edit_XB_1622-Edit_XB_1646-Edit