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Our first stop, located about 300 miles east of South America, was the Falkland Islands. In 2012, I spent 17 days in the Falklands with Chas Glatzer ( and my images are here: One of the attractions of this voyage was we were only going to spend two days in the Falklands. It worked out better than I expected as we ended up stopping at two different places than I had been to before.

The Falklands are an archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean not the Patagonian Shelf. The islands comprise East and West Falkland and 776 similar islands. It is affiliated with the Brittish but the Argentinians still feel it belongs to them and call them Malvinas. A war was fought in the 1980's which Britain won. It is still a sore spot between the countries.

The photo opportunities exist with colonies of various birds and seals on the coasts of various islands. If someone lives on an island, it turns out the island is actually owned by an individual. But most of the almost 3,000 country residents live in the town of Stanley.
Where Did We Go?Sunrise in the FalklandsDeploy the ZodiacsOur Shuttle to Shore_P8A0163-Edit_P8A0189-EditAlbatross RookerySurveying the SceneBlack Browed AlbatrossBlack Browed Albatross in FlightGathering the Nest RocksRock Hopper PenguinShooting the BirdsFlaps UpChecking Me OutNesting ColonyMorning Conversation_P8A0246-Edit_P8A0267_P8A0271