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We spent our second week at a joint photo safari hosted by Andy Biggs and Charles Glatzer. Our group was split between two camps run by Great Plains Conservation. Part of the group stayed at Mara Toto Camp and the rest at Mara Plains Camp. I make a point of bringing this up as the original plan was for the group to be at Mara Plains. But the reconstruction of the new camp was delayed. So, alternate arrangements were made. It is a good example of needing to be flexible when traveling around Africa. In any event, the camps did an outstanding job of improvising and the experience was as good as any I have encountered.
Cheetah with CubsHi MomCheetah Cub on the ProwlOn SafariThe ObserverAnother Vantage PointCheetah Cub HuntingLion Portrait in Sweet LightLion Portrait in Morning LightLion PortraitLion Waking UpThe Other BrotherBig YawnWalking My WayLion WalkingLion WalkingIgnoring the TruckCub with MomCheetah GlowsLooking Both Ways