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A workshop with Andy Biggs in December, 2007, to photograph some of the iconic landscapes surrounding the Moab, Utah area. We photographed in Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park and the area surrounding the town.
This was my first attempt at a dedicated landscape shoot. Multiple image panoramas and HDR images were just starting to become technically easy with quality results.
We had a variety of skies. Obviously, a bit of clouds in the otherwise blue southwestern sky is the best and we had a little of that. But we also had clear and very cloudy skies.
Photographer in the WindowRock PaintingRock Paintings Near MoabRock PaintingFalse KivaPhotographers Contemplate the shotShrubs and ButteIslands in the SkyCanyonlandsIs This Another Planet?CanyonlandsOrgan and Three GossipsThree GossipsOrganReflecting Pools at the OrganReflecting Pools at the OrganTree and ArchTurret Arch Through Windows ArchMoon Over the ArchesBalanced Rock Pano