Visit to Bandhavgarh and Kahna National Parks in central India.

We spent ten nights in two different camps. But most of our waking time was spent on safari in Bandhavgarh NP (6 nights) and Kanha NP (4 nights). We were on 8 different safaris with 5 being all day permits. The plus of all day passes are that you can go anywhere in the park. With the normal permit you can only travel in an assigned zone. The other benefit is that the normal permit you must leave the park from 11 am until 4pm, meaning the all day permits, of which there are only 5 per day, have 5 hours with no congestion, should there be a tiger sighting.
One of the key understandings for me was that this essentially is a one subject adventure. So, if you have sighted a tiger, and it is sleeping, you sit and wait until it gets up and moves. A lot of hours just sitting.
There are other things to photograph, of course, but the focus is tigers.
We had several high value experiences which I will describe in my blog.