I have been to Alaska for photography four times. The first time, I went to Homer to photograph Bald Eagles in the winter. Jean Keene, the eagle lady. For many years Jean fed the eagles in the winter and hundreds came to the Homer Spit. Sadly, Jean passed away a couple of years after I was there.
The second time we went to Katmai National park to photograph Brown (Grizzly) bears as they sparred and fished for salmon. We also went on a boat for several other species of mammals and birds.
Then, we went to photograph Brown bears from a boat as they fished the salmon run on the Alagnak river. It was a special trip as we caught the middle of the run, where thousands of fish were making their way up the river to spawn. One day we saw over 30 different bears!
Finally, I went to Lake Clark national part to photograph Brown bears with cubs. We spent a week at a lodge in the park and went out each day to see first year (spring) cubs with their moms and second year cubs as well. After two years the sow weans the cubs and they are on their own.
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