In October, 2018, my wife Jan and I joined 98 other passengers for an exciting adventure to Antarctica. Our goal was to cross the Drake Passage and break ice to reach Snow Hill island, where we would experience and photograph the Emperor Penguin colony located on the sea ice nearby.
The expedition was organized by Quark Expeditions. They chartered the Russian icebreaker, Kapitan Khlebnikov, a ship that has been to Snow Hill many times. Interestingly, this expedition hadn't been run since 2010.

The galleries in this group reflect the entire trip. If you are interested in video experiences of some of the trip highlights, check out Trip Videos. There are several 1-2 minute videos which, I think, provide a good review of the trip. Then, the next three galleries separate the trip by time. The first, Day 1-5 contains my images during the 5 days it took to get to the colony. Then Days 6-9 contains my images while we visited the colony. We actually had three days with helicopter trips to the colony. Then, Days 10-13 reflect the trip back to Ushuaia, Argentina. Finally, I have included copies of the daily program sheets we received which we found informative.

In the end, our trip was cut short by a day as one of the passengers experienced a life threatening injury beyond the ship doctor's resources to treat. Fortunately, we were able to get back to Ushuaia and medical attention in time. The experience reminded me that these expeditions to far away places come with some risks and to be grateful for a successful experience.

From Fort Myers, Florida to Atlanta to Buenos Aires to Ushuaia is more than a day of travel. We got to Ushuaia a day before the tour began in case we ran into travel issues. When you travel to a place you are full of excitement and the exhaustion of 30 hours in planes and airports doesn't seem too bad. Of course, on the reverse, it seems worse. I have found that putting these galleries together every time I go on a big adventure erases all the memories of travel stress and ends up with "Where to Next?"

Hope you enjoy this trip of a lifetime experience through my images.