Located in St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest city in the U.S., we find the Alligator Farm. As an "old Florida" attraction it shines. But, it also has a Bird Rookery that is very accessible and, at the right time, full of birds.
Showy SnowySpoonbill Passing ByRoseate Spoonbill in FlightSpoonbill LaunchPair of Great White EgretsReaching for a StickNest BuildingStork LaunchAerodynamicWood Stork BalanceTri-Color Heron On a NestTri-Color PortraitThese Are My Chicks!Hello ThereSo, I was Sayin'Feed Me!Watching the BabiesGreat White Egret Fly ByWood Stork LaunchMess 'O Gators